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With Melkor defeated, it seems to me that the Valar could have taken up again the governance of all of Arda.
But should they? Arda was the place where the Children of Eru were supposed to come; the main purpose of the valar in Ea was to create it and keep the wheels rolling. The Eruhini were not their main responsibility, esspecially as they didn't know what they were, what purpose they served. The Ainulindale states that Manwe was the foremost weapon of Eru against Melkor in the second theme. Myths Transformed states that:
Nonetheless the breaking of Thangorodrim and the extrusion of Melkor was the end of 'Morgoth' as such, and for that age (and many ages after). It was thus, also, in a sense the end of Manwe's prime function and task as Elder King, until the End. He had been the Adversary of the Enemy.
The Valar 'fade' and become more impotent, precisely in proportion as the shape and constitution of things becomes more defined and settled.
The valar have limits to their responsibilities; going beyond them doesn't spell well for them or anybody.
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