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What was this? Óin had not arrived! This shocked and frustrated Trór, he clenched his fist and drove it down to his side as if was striking an imaginary foe. All things depended on good intelligence on the enemies whereabouts and numbers, all of which he lacked with Óin's absence. Trór would have had soon dismiss the unpleasant thought of his lack of intelligence for the moment and proceed with the council and seek a way to counter this problem, but no sooner had Óri finished relaying this news to him he dropped to one knee. What in the world was he doing?! Never before had Trór felt so helpless as when Óri uttered those two words: my lord.

His old friend continued his explanation as some of the host gasped, Trór found himself among those who did. It hurt Trór to see his friends acting in such a way as would beget all their years of friendship. Frar even joined in with Óri in proclaiming to serve him as they did Balin, the only problem was Trór was not Balin, no one could be as wise or as deserving of honor as that now dead venerable Dwarf.

"Speak, Lord Tror. Your dwarves heed you."

“Enough!” Trór boomed with upraised hands. This was not to be, never had Trór been treated so formally by those he held so close to his heart. Oh how the ceremony has already tainted the sweet nectar of friendship!

“Friends,” he implored, “why all this formality. Have I not known you and worked with you these five years? Have we not served our lord with equal ardor and loyalty? Therefore why should I be your choice as king if the service of mine has not been any more than you gathered here?

“Óri, you are the trusted friend of Balin, closer to him and his mind than anyone her. You have more right to carry on his will than I have. What about Óin, who has worked unceasingly to carry out Balin’s wishes and who not three weeks past returned with a mighty horde of arms from the thrid-deep? Why should I... I don’t know how...”

Trór paused for a second, he had not noticed that he had been yelling. Now who is the one, being ridiculous? Is this how you are to treat your loyal friends?

“I am sorry,” Trór said somewhat hesitantly. He helped Óri who was still on his knees. “I should not scold you for your feelings, nor you Frar for your devotion. I am not use to such formality amongst friends.

“I am not deserving of the rank of ruler amongst you, but I am no fool in seeing that it is my duty to lead at present: being second command to Balin, and chief of soldiers. I would feign have a more learned Dwarf rule you, a military ruler would only bring you strife and war, that is what I am. When this crisis has abated I will relinquish my power to this council to decide on a better choice, but for the present let us speak no more of this, my heart is very much split in the matter and I would have more time to think before we go on.” Trór faced Óri, “thank you for your kind words, my friend, they touch me deeply. Do not think that I take you for granted.

“Now let us turn matters to the reason I summoned you. Gror, come forward and tell us of what you have seen.”

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