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Originally Posted by Morthoron View Post
Hmmm....If you could change ONE thing in The Hobbit triology?

I would change the title header from The Hobbit to something more appropriate. Like Peter Jackson's Amok I, II and III. That way, I wouldn't have even paid attention that the movies were made.
I thought pretty much the same thing.

If these movies weren't Marketed as "Tolkien" they could have been pretty fun.

The Analogy I tend to use is:

Jackson has taken three guys in Black Robes, handing out Pizza and Beer in an auditorium, and told us that it is a Catholic Mass in a Gothic Cathedral.

There are some elements of this that are shared with a "Catholic Mass in a Gothic Cathedral." But the claim that this is what it really is really begs the question of understanding anything about Catholic Masses, or Gothic Cathedrals.

One can say the same about Jackson's "interpretation" of Middle-earth.

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