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Originally Posted by Marwhini View Post
Funny.... It wouldn't have had to feel rushed if he had not crammed irrelevant scenes and characters into it.

We didn't need to know about the Battle of Azanulbizar. We didn't need to have Radagast. We didn't need the assault on Dol Guldur. We especially didn't need Tauriel, or any of the Barrel-riders Theme-park ride.
That's what I mean.

That being said, I didn't mind the inclusion of Azanulbizar per se, but I greatly disliked the way they altered its storyline, especially by making it more Thorin-centric; if anything I feel like if they wanted to go down their cliché drama/personal angst storytelling route they should have stuck to what actually happened and used that to suggest that Dįin, not Thorin, was the hero of Durin's folk, which could be another source of Thorin's anxieties and/or insecurities. Thorin might admire his younger cousin, but envy him.

Ultimately, though, I think I just wanted to see Dįin treated as the wise and honourable character he appears to be from what we see of him in the books, not Billy Connolly cussing from the back of a pig.
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