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I did read what you said.

And maybe if you have read works like Gone with the Wind you would realize that the movie contains far less than half the book (maybe even less than of it, but it has been almost 30 years since I read it - so I would need to find a coy of it to detail what all was left out). The film left out a gigantic Plot-arc concerning the KKK, among other things:

So citing it isn't exactly supporting that a long book can be translated to the screen in a single movie without cutting anything out.

These aren't "Theories" I am talking about.

Even Nerwen recognized that there is a recognized Script:Screen relationship that the movie and TV industry uses.

As far as claiming you never mentioned a 2-4 hour production. Here is what you said:

It's a short book. Three films is and never was necessary. As I mentioned before, two films tops and you capture every major event and character, and no one would feel at all shortchanged.
Pardon me if I have been speaking in terms of total hours of screen time, instead of how many films.

It is an industry standard that we talk about a typical film having a run-time of about 2 hours.

Thus a run-time of 4 hours would be considered to EITHER be a very long single film.... Or, more likely, it would be broken into two halves and released in two parts, as two separate films.

So that sounds a little disingenuous to claim you never said anything about a 2 - 4 hour production, when you are claiming "two films tops" (which would be roughly 4 hours).

You could expand that to 5 hours with 2 films of 2.5 hours each, and then you would be reducing each chapter to an average of 15 minutes each.

But it is likely that you would still have to cut things from the book in doing so, given that [I[The Hobbit[/I] tends to be pretty dialog heavy (and Dialog takes up more room in a script than it does in a novel, thus taking up more screen-time than pure visualization, or direction).

And if you want to play the equivocation game.... I am talking about a 20 minute per chapter translation.

That comes out to 6 hours and 20 minutes.

You can cut that into however many films you wish, from one six-hour movie, since there isn't a shortage of long movies:

To twenty twenty-minute episodes (which doesn't mean one per chapter).

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