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I have seen this thread appear on top over the years since 2004, and for some reason thought I had replied to it somewhere. But I scrolled through 10 pages and nothing. Anyway... Snowdog. It was a moniker I started using when I first got online and in to ye olde BBS. My email has been Snowdog something since 1994. The reason I used it was I wrote a novel back in the 1970's based on the tale told on the band Rush's 2nd album, By-Tor & The Snowdog. When I first got onto message boards (EZ board?) in '99, I used the name. I think I registered on Barrow Downs in its EZ board days but didn't particapate much. Anyway, it's still my email, and its still my user name here, Entmoot, and Minas Tirith. Snowdog has been banned from The One Ring.Com for 15 years now.
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