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Tiffany Aching
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‘Well, now Cookie, what is the matter, girl?!’ Miribelle leaned forward on the seat of the cart and flicked the reins lightly along the flanks of her pony.

Cookie, however, would not budge. The sturdy little sandy colored pony set her legs stiffly and laid back her ears. The stink of wolf was getting stronger as she approached the stable. Her nostrils were flaring and her big brown eyes were rolling in an anxious manner.

Miss Rushybanks set the handbrake and climbed down from the cart. The yard did seem somewhat in a state of disarray, as if a number of large animals had been running amuck in the grass and dirt.

‘Will!’ she called out, coming to stand by Cookie’s head, the reins grasped firmly in her right hand as her left hand clasped onto the pony’s bridle. ‘Will! It’s Miss Rushybanks, dear.’ She raised her voice another notch. ‘Can you come give me a hand with Cookie, if you would.’