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Well, thought Lily, and blessed herself – this is a pretty kettle of fish. It was bad enough finding foreigners and Big Folk here in the Shire…but wolves....she had never heard the like. But on the other hand…as she tucked into her second breakfast, and sipped a hot mug of coffee...on the other hand, for all the rumpus and ructions, the Perch seemed a cheery, homely place. Everyone so friendly and cosy, like.

There were surely good positions to be had in such a neighbourhood for a hard-working lass. That Shirriff...a fine, plain-spoken gentleman, nodded Lily approvingly to herself, no airs and graces there…well, he might know of something, travelling about so much as he did. She would try to catch him when he had finished his family business. She was also grateful to the cheery young barman, not just for the two fine breakfasts he had served her, but for the tip-off about inn-work.

And that Mr Dwellover. Not the most dapper fellow she had ever seen, to be sure, and certainly not one for blethering - but Lily still thought, optimistically, with such a fancy name he must be a proper gentlehobbit. Perhaps he and his mother needed a good strong girl to help at their farm. A master with book-learning, she thought to herself, wistfully, with a bit of time to spare in the evenings... But for now, Lily decided, she would sacrifice some of her wages on a room for the night – yes, with a bath. She was certain that no respectable person would give work to a lassie with hayseed in her hair and stains on her bodice.

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