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Will craned his neck, his head swinging from side to the other. ‘Ah! There she is,’ he said, as he spied Miss Miribelle, her needles flying. Rowan was on her way toward the table with a large steaming mug of tea clasped in her hand.

‘I’ll take that,’ Will declared reaching for the mug with his good hand. ‘I’m going over to speak to Miss Miribelle; might as well show up with her drink.’ He winked at Rowan and turned toward the elder Hobbit lady’s table, walking carefully so as not to spill the hot liquid.

The steam from the drink streamed toward his face as he went along. ‘Not tea, then….’ he thought to himself, as the pungent odor hit his nose. He gave Miss Miribelle and appraising look. ‘The old gal’s having coffee!’

‘Your coffee, Miss Rushybanks!’

He gave Miribelle a wide smile as he put down the mug on the table. ‘And not a drop spilled.’ He sat down cradling his injured arm. ‘Just wanted to let you know Cookie is happy where I put her. Gave her some fresh hay and a small nosebag of oats.’

He watched as she sugared her coffee and poured in a generous portion of cream. ‘You know, I’ve never tried that outland brew. Always thought it smelled good.’ He nodded his head. ‘You like it, yes?’
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