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Rusty’s ears pricked up at Gable’s inquiry and Prim’s suggestion. A lost locket did indeed sound like a matter for him to concern himself with, especially if it allowed him to stick his nose into someone else’s business. As Will continued to sputter at the sink, the Shirif stepped closer to the elf, who now held the piece of jewelry outstretched in her hand. Without being asked, she dropped the small bit of finery into his palm. Rusty poked at it with his stubby forefinger, as if he could prod it into revealing its origin. “Can’t say’s I’ve seen the likes of this on anyone around here.” Rusty opined in a puzzled voice. “Where’d you find this un?” He handed the locket back to Gable and looked at her closely. On her face he thought he saw a trace of confusion, though whether from his question or from other source he couldn’t say. In a more official tone, he demanded, “Well? Speak up lass! Cat got your tongue?”

Gable shook her head, and replied evenly enough, “I found it out in the stable – in one of the stalls.” Rusty looked about the kitchen, his chin thrust out slightly, as if any of its occupants might challenge his authority to intervene in this matter. “I think we’d best try to find the owner of this little bauble, eh, Dick? P’raps Gable here should show it round to the folk inside.” Rusty indicated the common room with a nod of his head.

Gable’s brow creased slightly. “But, then someone might claim it even if it wasn’t theirs, couldn’t they Shirif Smallburrow? Wouldn’t it be better if we just announced that we found it and asked anyone who claims it to describe it – to be sure it’s theirs?”

Rusty thought he heard a small guffaw of laughter from the general direction of where Prim was still fussing over Will, but he refused to look their way. With solemn dignity, he replied, “Of course, of course. That’s what I meant, didn’t I? Plain as the nose on my face, isn’t it? Of course that was exactly what I was going to do. Now, come on, lass. Let’s find out what we can before all those breakfasters start moving on for the day.”
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