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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.

Onli had rushed to make sure he was ahead of her, so that he could feel like he was leading her back. But Kórin was going exactly where she wished. She was completely lost in a cloud of anger and other dark thoughts when Onli suddenly fell down in front of her and she saw something slight darting across the ground. She stopped and watched the creature – it was a ferret.

“Vitri!” Onli addressed it, and Kórin could not help but smile a little at the animal as it ran around even her own feet. It was adorable, but… What is that smell? Kórin wondered as she caught several whiffs when the animal circled her feet.

“Is it alright?” Kórin asked, not assuming its gender as she certainly hadn’t gotten a close look at it.



Kór learned a great deal from Óin, Ori, and Náli as Óin informed the others what he had observed about the approaching army of orcs, and they discussed how to proceed. Kór wondered if they even realized he was still there, and if they should be concerned about him hearing all of this. A mix of fears simmered in his stomach. There truly was an army marching on Khazad-dűm.

Finally Trór arrived, whom the others greeted happily, and Kór was suddenly noticed again. Trór eyed him oddly, and Kór looked back, trying to read what was behind his strange stare.

“Who is this?” the new Lord of Khazad-dűm questioned, taking a step closer to Kór, who sighed inwardly. His sister and he did bear a resemblance, at least sharing the same hair.

“I am Kór, my lord.”
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