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The long winter would soon be past. The sun gleamed on the snow-covered mountainsides. The snow crystals sparkled with golden light behind the glistening sheen of melting water. Below drops formed, and running down, joined into the merest trickle over the ice. Beneath, rocks and pebbles lay hidden that would soon see the sun. The trickle found her way downward, joining other drops, and finding a channel. Further down that channel would find a golden wood, and among the golden wood, the stream would find her voice; her sweet, silver voice.

To the south, Celebdil towered over the Wild, and Celebrant flowed from his mighty sides down towards the golden wood, cascading and rushing. Yet the voice of the Celebrant sang less sweetly than she. Falling silver ran beneath the golden sun, down, down, laughing downwards; the forest yet lay far below in the warmth of the valley.
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