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Ah, Curulin, you are indeed quite correct about the Olog-hai. I bow to your knowledge upon that subject. But the time is late for me here, and things begin to run together at this hour.

*Side Note: But as for Gandalf being held prisoner for (I correct myself) 20 or so years, if you look in the book, "Fellowship of the Ring",Chapter 2,pages 41-42, Gandalf was held prisoner for 28 years, as Frodo was 33 years of age at Bilbo's Birthday party, when Gandalf comes back, Frodo is 50. That would still give Saruman the time to perfect the race of the uruk-hai.

Also, as for orcs and goblins being used interchangeably...Tolkien was a linguist above all else, and wouldn't use any name interchangeably without explanation.

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