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Hmm.... ratings from me:
  • 1. Born Of Hope (Kate Maddison)
  • 2. The Fellowship of the Ring (Jackson)
  • 3. The Lord of the Rings (Bakshi)
  • 4. The Two Towers (Jackson)
  • 5. Hunt For Gollum (Chris Bouchard)
  • 6. The Return of the King (Jackson)
  • 7. An Unexpected Journey (Jackson)
  • 8. The Hobbit (Rankin-Bass)
  • 9. The Return of the King (Rankin-Bass)
  • 10. The Desolation of Smaug (Jackson)
  • 11. The Battle of Five Armies (Jackson)

I ordered them by my preference of viewing. I added the fan films because they have some heart behind them if not the budget, and are a preferrable watch to me despite some shortcomings in them. Of the forst three LotR P.J. Boyens & Co movies, they have to be the EE, and even then, I can usually only stomach Fellowship, with a fast forward through the Arwen part. I admire the Bakshi attempt, and love the orcs in it. The faux-Viking Boromir and the Robin Hood Strider was a bit much. but I could accept the Disney Princess Galadriel. And at least it had Glorfindel in it. That said, except for the 1st one on occasion, I don't usually go out of my way to watch any of them.

Originally Posted by Morthoron View Post
In the context of not wanting to watch them ever again, I wouldn't necessarily call it an overstatement. There's any number of great films I'll watch yearly - I cringe even when I am randomly clicking by a LotR film with my TV remote.
I agree. I will give one of the Jackson movies until the first commercial break should I find it on free-to-air TV, if only to remind myself how crap the screenplays are.

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