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So it was true. What more could be said, or done? The Ulfings would betray Lord Caranthir, and it was beyond Lachrandir's power to stop them; unless - -

Lachrandir reached for his sword and began to draw it, but before he could, he felt the monster's claws tear into his throat. He knew his life was at an end. Where was Tathren? Maybe there was a moment yet in which he could send him a thought.
Tathren! Treason!
It was all he could manage; his life was spent.


Clegga of the Ulfastings glanced at those who had not taken sides. "We of Ulfast have no quarrel with those who love Ulwarth best, but know that if Uldor becomes lord of the Ulfings, it will go ill with all those who do not favor him now. To me, Ulwarthings!"

A three way civil war right in the great hall, thought Thorn. This could undermine the Bauglir's plans if it could be used so. He wondered what would happen next.

Anydor, the leader of the Uldoring guards spoke next. "You play a dangerous game, Clegga. Be not a fool! You will not cow us! If we have pitched battle over this lone prisoner, it will be for nought, for you know as well as I that lord Ulfang has chosen Uldor as next lord, and once he comes upon this hall and sees bodies littering the floor, he will restore his place with an iron hand, and let any who stand in his way beware for their life and limb." He turned to the Ulwarthings. "Consider well, Ulwarthings, before you commit treason. Stand down, if you are not fools."

The Ulwarthings looked one to the other and one by one sheathed their blades.

Anydor cracked a grim smile. "Now then, Clegga, choose carefully your next deed."

Clegga looked at his fellows and with a scowl said, "Now is not the time to bring to Ulfast what is rightly his." He sheathed his sword, and his fellows did likewise.

"You are not so foolish," Anydor said. "Make way to the dungeon!"
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