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Ulfast glanced surreptitiously at his older brother, who had just noticed Jord also. Had he seen that little tilt of the head, that single finger beckoning? He gave no sign. But it would be untoward to talk to Jord in front of all these guards and his own brother. He gave one nod of his head and glanced meaningfully toward his private room, hoping she would understand.

Anydor, Uldor's chief guard, and Clegga, his own, vied with each other to give news of the captive who had been imprisoned for treason. The man called himself Thorn. Did Uldor and Ulfast want him brought out for questioning now?

Uldor was ready to question the prisoner right away.

Ulfast said, "First, brother, I would get out of this bloodstained tunic and eat and drink, for I am famished. I see blood on you as well. What say you? The prisoner can moulder another hour."
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