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Behind Ulfast, Jord emerged from a shadowy corner of the room and walked forward until she stood between him and the door. His back was still turned to her when she spoke. Her voice was soft and persuasive, but penetrating nonetheless, as if she was speaking straight to Ulfast’s soul.

“Time is precious, Ulfast. The day appointed nears. Why did you delay?”

“My brother--,” began Ulfast.

“Are you a serf or a bondservant that you take orders from your brother, Ulfast?”

“I am a prince of the Ulfings!” Uldor turned to face Jord. “Do not mock me. Do take my favor for granted.”

Jord laughed lightly, but drove her next words, edged with ice, straight through Ulfast’s heart. As he listened, he hung his head.

“There can be only one Prince of the Ulfings, Ulfast. One of you must lead and the other must follow. Who would you serve: Uldor or Morgoth?”

Ulfast looked up at Jord slowly. “You know, Lady.”

“Do I? Only the strong may serve near Lord Morgoth, because only the strong can fulfill his wishes. In serving Uldor, you would serve Morgoth at a safe distance, but the price of that distance is glory. You would ever live in the shadow of your brother.”

Jord paused, letting her words sink in, then changed the subject. She took a few slow steps to the left, letting her long grey gown swirl a bit about her feet. It amused her.

“What do you know of these murders, Ulfast?” She grimaced inwardly, realizing that Ulfast may not yet have known that both Khandr AND Lachrandir were dead. “There have been rumors circling through the hall all day. Or perhaps I should ask Uldor?”

She could not resist the jab, and glanced sideways at Ulfast in anticipation of his reaction, which, she knew, would be priceless.
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