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Jord smiled. She smiled at Thorn, for he was a doomed man and nothing could stop her now. She smiled at herself, for she had beaten him without lifting a finger. She smiled at the departing Uldor, for it was through Uldor's fatal pride that Thorn had been beaten. She smiled at Ulfast for no reason at all. And she smiled because she saw that perhaps Uldor would do after all, if only because his arrogance blinded him to the truth when he heard it, and drove him to do wrong when instructed with the right. His hate, and his pride would be useful tools could they be corralled and directed. On the other hand, they could very well make him dangerous, a maverick thrall.

She spoke to Ulfast. "Your brother seems to be in a bad temper. Perhaps you should go and comfort him."

One way or the other, time was running out for Jord. She was working hard, but Morgoth needed the Ulfings soon - sooner, perhaps, than she could manage, she feared, given her rate of progress with Uldor. She needed him for Morgoth, or she needed him dead.
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