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Before she knew what was happening, Jord was being strangled. She felt little more than a calm sense of surprise, at first. She was not used to being strangled, so this was an entirely new human sensation for her. It intrigued her and, still under the influence of the surprise and the novelty of the thing, she considered it with a detached sense of interest. The mortal body was strange, subject to sensations and weaknesses which in her previous exalted form, she could never have imagined. Distracted by these thoughts, she grappled silently on the floor with her attacker. The guards down the hall did not notice.

Then the stranglehold began to take effect and the fight began in earnest. As the blood began to pound in Jord's head and her lungs began to burn, she found herself in the grip of an implacable terror, something wholly new and wholly human: weakness. She had never felt it like this before, she had never felt so powerless, so claustrophobic, so afraid.

Jord began to panic as she tried to push her attacker away, without success. She thrashed wildly, back and forth, trying to shake him free, trying to call upon her reserves of power. They would not answer. She was alone in her mortality, and it frightened her more than anything she had ever experienced.

Now her mind was fading. She could feel, vaguely, her senses becoming dull and distant and she knew instinctively that they would soon fail altogether. In a last furious effort, she seized one of the sinewy hands which were clamped about her neck and pried it from her neck for a fraction of a second.

It was enough. In that split second, Jord screamed, and as quickly as it had begun, the fight was over. Startled, the guards rushed down the hall, seized Thorn, threw him against the bars of his prison cell, and began battering him with the hafts of their heavy spears. Jord staggered to her feet, holding her bruised throat with one hand, and leaning against the wall with the other. Her breath came in great, excruciating gasps. She spat out two words, hoarse and malevolent.

"Kill him!"

Caught up in the general violence of the situation, the guards did not question her orders, though they bore no true authority.
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