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Kara had been more pleased than she had expected when Nain had returned her hug with, if not equal fervour, then at least a few seconds of true warmth. She hadn't meant to make him uncomfortable but her joy at seeing him overrode what she knew of Dwarves and their discomfort with such shows of affection, and it delighted her that he was willing to forgive the action. His words, however, were as proper as they had ever been, and she noticed with a tinge of confusion that his old habit of stammering around her seemed to have returned.

"I see the move from Edoras has not harmed your health, what is the news about you. I mean! What is new about... here. Around here."

He had said, falling over his words and meanings as he went. She wondered whether it was simply that he had been away for such a time and had forgotten his ease with her, but as he had spoken she had seen his eyes flicker to a point behind her. A quick glance over her shoulder while Nain was studying the floor told her that the source of his slight distraction had been Crabannan, who was still eating but was now frowning again. Kara remained confused, but was determined to enjoy her friend's company for now and figure it all out later.

"There is little news about me if you did want to know," she said, tongue in cheek as his eyes flicked up to hers for a moment, "except that I think I may finally have convinced Frodides to stop looking over my shoulder at everything I do. As to what is new around here, well, I think you can see that for yourself! We have a fair amount of work to do yet but much has been done already in rebuilding this place, and there are also a number of new faces. In fact here is one now."

She stood aside slightly so that Nain's view of Crabannan was no longer blocked.

"This is Crabannan who has been with us near a month now I think. Crabannan this is Nain, who was a guest at the old Hall and is a very good friend of mine."

The two males shot glances at both each other and at her, and after a pause Kara gave up. Proper introductions could wait for another time if they were determined not to speak to one another.

"Well, at any rate." She said, interrupting the staring contest. "It is so good to see you Nain, are you to stay with us again?"

~ ~ ~


Frodides had not been surprised when the young woman before her had burst into tears, she was only glad that she had given Saeryn the blunted knife considering the number of hurts they had in the kitchen even when her girls weren't sobbing their hearts out. She still had no real idea what had occurred, Saeryn's words had been impassioned rather than informative, but that didn't mean she couldn't offer generic wisdom. The soothing comments had seemed to help, Saeryn was now sitting upright again with a determined look in her eyes, but now the girl was looking for real advice and Frodides had to use her considerable number of years at the centre of all gossip as well as her knowledge of the people involved in order to try and work out something relevant to say.

"And so Ill just have to make up to him, s all, and Eodwine, too. I should apologize, right, Frodides? And Eodwine will understand, right?

"I suppose 'him' is Degas is it?" Frodides inquired gently, having come to this conclusion due to the warmth that filled Saeryn's voice even as she cried.

"It is." Saeryn agreed.

"And you've offended him somehow? Eodwine too?"

Saeryn nodded miserably.

"Well then," Frodides said with a sniff, "I think an apology would work wonders. Your brother couldn't stay angry with you however hard he tried, it's not in his nature to take against you, and I think the same is true of Eodwine."

The slight smile that appeared on Saeryn's face as she spoke encouraged Frodides to continue. She was saying only what she thought and wasn't pretending otherwise but she was quite sure of herself all the same.

"You apologise to them when they come to their senses and come to find you," she said, patting Saeryn's hand, "and I'll wager you will find them both very understanding. No don't go looking for them now," she continued as Saeryn made to get up and leave, "if you interrupt them you might find they haven't calmed down quite enough for your apology to be heard. You stay here and let yourself calm a little more, and then it should be smiles all round when the time comes. Alright?"
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