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“The wound healed cleanly?” Degas asked. “There is no infection?”

“Degas,” Saeryn said, smiling broadly and leaning towards him so that she could speak quietly - she wanted to be sure that Rowenna did not hear Degas’ doubt of her nursing skills. “There is no infection. I’m still mending, that’s all.” She finished with a chuckle and leaned back again. Her eyes swept about and they were caught by Eodwine’s briefly. He was looking at her with a new look in his eyes. She glanced away and though of something to say to Degas.

“It will be quite well. You know when I first came to the White Horse Inn before it turned into Eodwine’s Hall, I was hurt and they had to tend me.” She laughed at the thought of how she seemed to always come back to Eodwine hurt. ‘Perhaps,’ she thought, ‘I’ll be safer if I never leave the place!’

Eodwine returned bearing chairs and after setting them up, he offered Degas his choice. Once again, Saeryn looked at him, and this time she kept the gaze. She felt, rather than understood, what his look meant. Something rose in her chest that filled her with a huge, wonderful pressure of intense joy in response to him. Yesterday, before Eodwine had expressed his love for her, such a feeling would have been painful, for it would have been doubtful, but now she knew and she did not fear.

Suddenly she was aware of Degas shifting the choice to her. She stirred and looked away from Eodwine to Rowenna, taking a seat beside her, and then to Degas. Immediately she knew what she should do. Eodwine had not yet spoken to her of marriage and until then, they must continue as though they were not attached. “Sit beside me, brother. We will all be able to see the games from here.”
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