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Originally Posted by ArcusCalion View Post
Sauron, however, never had to "beget" races of beings. He changes his form so much throughout his existence that it can clearly be seen to be a fana, and not a true Body.
Sauron was only merely "clothed" until the downfall of Numenor in 3119 S.A.. After that he became fully incarnated i.e. he had to construct a new body and was completely tied to that particular form like one of the incarnates. Were it not for the One Ring Sauron would have "died" during the Battle of Mount Doom in 3441 S.A. (And one could indeed argue that for all intents and purposes Sauron did actually die during that battle, at least his body ceased to function and his spirit had to depart from it).
The question remains what kind of body Sauron actually had. Was it an actual biological body like a human or elven body, or more like a biological Machine? I would argue that Saurons incarnate form was a unique construct, Isildurs statement that the Body emanated extreme heat seems to suggest that - a human or elven body (like the Istari or Melian possessed) would have burned to death if it experienced heat like that.

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