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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.

A growl formed in Khamir’s throat as he did his best to ignore the many voices around him. This was why the one-armed man had never asked for any kind of leadership. As soon as anything happened, he was the one everyone was going to complain to. It was as if he had invited the hunters into camp. He had heard a woman’s voice cry out something about a ‘traitor,’ but Khamir knew that was insanity, in more ways than one. The bounty hunters needed no help from the inside, and probably would never take help. It would be too shameful for the Easterlings to be helped by the trash that slaves were. Plus, the woman who was so certain of treachery was always certain of such. Unfortunately, Khamir’s sympathy for the woman was running out. She was mad, and quite more than the group needed to deal with.

He caught sight of her, and broke towards her at an immediate sprint. The madwoman was tearing after Eirnar. Apparently she had not liked his idea of going after the bounty hunters, either. This came as a sarcastic thought to him. It was always him. And to think the man was the one who cared for her, the only real reason she was not yet dead, having killed herself or been killed in defense of an attack from her. Catching up with her enough to reach out and grab her tightly by the arm, he tugged and brought her to a halt. Looking into her eyes, mostly clouded, he was always surprised at how human they looked, even though her mind was in many ways monstrous.

“Who? Who is a traitor?” he asked, playing along with her nightmare. Perhaps it was wrong of him, but he did not know what else to do. Her only response was to stare with those distorted eyes. It seemed a few words were enough to calm her down, this time.

He heard another female voice rise above the rest, coming from behind him somewhere. This one was a younger voice. Turning, he recognized the girl as Johari. He had seen her and Hadith speaking before. She was just a little girl with a big mouth, complaining that ‘they’ were being treated like children, whoever ‘they’ were.

And Aedhild may have actually been quiet for several moments, but Eirnar had something to say. Just like everyone else.

Hadith burst in to speak to Johari, his words passionate. Listening to the two have their little spat was interesting to the Southron, and he filed some things he heard away in his mind. He would remember to watch out for Johari even more, and find out more about what had happened to Hadith this night. Perhaps Beloan had been right about everything. He shot the man a glance, but found him looking in another direction.

Waiting for a chance to break in, Khamir did not waste any effort in hiding the bitterness in his voice.

“I do not know who you speak for, Johari, but I do know that everyone will be treated like children as long as they continue to do nothing for themselves.” He turned to Eirnar. “Was anyone behind you with a whip, forcing you onto the same path as myself? One man does not want to decide what we are going to do. You decide what you do,” he said, then, turning back to Johari, he said to her, “and you decide what you do.” He looked to others standing nearby, and whether they were listening or not, he continued “and you, what you do; and you, what you do …”

Letting go of Aedhild, Khamir found a rock to lean against, sitting down in the dry grass in front of it. “But you will not,” he said with finality.

He was preparing himself for a long wait. A long wait…it already felt like he had his head on the block and he was waiting for the axe to fall. Perhaps he had made the wrong decision; these people might be the death of him.

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