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Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.

As everyone made their way to Tan-Quickly-Hill, all were satisfied that the Quest looked to be nearing completion…except one. Reaperneep plodded along all depressed and sad, his tail dragging the ground, his battered and bloody rapier still clutched in his paw. A few short posts ago he had been caught up in a Valhallian-like paradise that looked certain to last for the rest of eternity. What mouse could ask for more? And here he was, his hopes crushed. Peace and serenity were returning to Muddled mirth. What would become of him? He end up just like Orogarn Two…brought into the story for a plot diversion that nobody ever paid much attention to, only to be finally killed off when it became utterly useless to be kept around any longer.

As he dragged along in mournful reverie he tripped over something lying on the ground. It looked to be a bit hairy. Morose curiosity drove Reaperneep to roll the body over and see a glorious hero of blessed memory who had found a courageous death in the battle to end the world. Instead, it turned out to be a still living Soregum.

“Oh, it’s you,” said Reaperneep. “Pitooie…hayuch…” said Soregum as he spit dirt out of his mouth. “A lucky escape,” said Soregum when he’d found his breath. “If you say so,” said Reaperneep. Soregum stared at the mouse a little oddly. “But we just triumphed over impossible odds,” said Soregum.

“But what battles does that leave us to fight?!” demanded Reaperneep. “This is a most unfortunate illustration of the turn of Fortune’s Wheel.”


“Fortune’s Wheel…” said Reaperneep in puzzlement. “Surely you’ve seen the show. Patt Sayjack and Vanawww Blanca…”

“Sorry,” interrupted Soregum. “We don’t have time for another pointless excursion into nonsense and anachronism.”

“Then will this whole post fall into anticlimax without even a proper punchline?” asked Reaperneep sadly.

“Looks that way,” said Soregum.
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