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Originally Posted by Nerwen View Post
Isn't that Legolas' rōle, though? Or is his job merely to exclaim loudly, "He's putting his head back on!"?
LMAO just been reading this whole thread, and this comment nearly killed me!

As for this scene of stupidity: I think that even the whole 'Giant Eyeball' nonsense is better than having this apparition thingy appear. Jackson could still claim that he misinterpreted the text about Sauron somehow being an Eye on top of a tower (By the way, I wonder how the Sauron-Eyeball got up there on top of Barad-Dur??? maybe Saruman helped him up with his staff levitation tricks! ), but in no possible way could he have explained away why he totally disregarded what the books state to be impossible and have Sauron appear fair.

The 'Eye' kind of reminds me of 'The Bat Signal' from Batman .
Then Sauron laughed: 'Patience! Not long shall ye abide. But first a song
I will sing to you, to ears intent.' Then his flaming eyes he on them bent,
and darkness black fell round them all.

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