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But sofar, nothing has been revealed in Vinyar Tengwar or the Parma E. that would lead to a different parentage of Gil-Galad.

Tar-Elenion, that was some great research, you do know your Tolkien. Let me get this straight. Tolkien's final thoughts on the matter seem to have been that Gil-Galad was Orodreth's son, with Orodreth the son of Angrod and not the son of Finarfin?

Why then Orodreth as Finarfin's son in the published Silmarillion, he could still have been Angrod's son, even if Gil-Galad was the son of Fingon. Why the emendation to son of Finarfin?

Concerning Gil-Galad, Aiwendil explained it quite well, why CT most have chosen Fingon as a father to Gil-Galad. That makes the most sense too me as well. Just curious as to what his final (written <img src=wink.gif ALT=""> ) thought was on the parentage of Gil-Galad, I always get my time frames mixed up.

As for Turgon taking precedence over Gil-Galad with regard to the High Kingship, that is easily solved. There is the matter of it going to the eldest in the house, there is also the fact that Gil-Galad was in fact quite young at that time and there is the matter of hope. Gil-Galad would at that point not have made for a great high king, not one in which many could believe. To lend the title to the older Hidden King, who could still oppose the Dark Lord, would make much more sense. Cirdan and Gil-Galad were certainly aware of his presence.

ps, was Thingol considered Overlord in Middle-earth at the time of the coming of the exiled Noldor to Beleriand?

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