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Re: re: inheritance

<blockquote>Quote:<hr> Gil-galad's parantage shifted several times. In all of these he became High King in over any of the Feanorians (except when he was a Feanorian ). He also became High King over any of the others. I think the reason Turgon became High King over Gil-galad even when Gil-galad was Fingon's son (and even when Fingon had other children) is because he was the eldest (male) of the House of Finwe.<hr></blockquote>

The explanation is much simpler. Turgon's accession was already in the record. The pencilled note (briefly) making Fingon Gil-galad's father did not address the issue of inheritance. Christopher is right to call the notion of Fingon as Gil-galad's father &quot;an ephemeral idea&quot;. It was never developed in any essay or annal. It was essentially no more than a doodle and should not be given any serious consideration.

Christopher's decision in the 1970s to make Gil-galad the son of Fingon in the published Silmarillion does not in any way validate the idea as part of the J.R.R. Tolkien canon. Christopher himself has repudiated the idea. Science Fiction and Fantasy</a> of the Rings Movie news</a> Middle-earth, a book on Tolkien</a> & Middle-earth track at Dragoncon</a>
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