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Sauron Did Achieve what He Wanted: HE'S COMING BACK

The rise of the Shadow while the Ring was severed from the Body of Sauron, implies something I have always wondered about and that has left me with indications of doubt. How did it occur. On what basis was he able to re-corporate and then ADD in *nine* Nazgul to manipulate (who remained enslaved). Presumably they were difficult to control, and with a nett power quotient loss, at the least it makes no sense that he could rise *and* control them.

Then, there's that weirdo thing that happened at the obviously corrupt Counsel of Elrond.

1. Frodo's body was already somewhat 'transparent' after being 'healed'. The Nazgul got part of Frodo's body. The process is irreversible as implied by the invisibility of 'wraithishness' residual.

2. The Nine of course did know about the Ford of Bruinen. Sauron is not stupid. They knew their horses would die. They wanted them to die. They wanted water to flush all touch of the Living from them, so they could Telekinetically, or tele-sentiently, clairsentiently have an Unviolated contact with Sauron. The UNDEAD FLESH to EYE OF SAURON, was, ergo, a triangulation to Frodo's part UNDEAD part ALIVE ruin of hobbit. And Sauron had telepathic links with the Three PRIOR at Orodruin (Agh Burzum Ishi Krimpatul), and had intimate contact with Celebrimbor for hundreds of years. Thus, he was aware of the degree of deranged depravity the Three had tapped into, in their making.

3. Has it occurred to us ever that the idea of "preservation" and the incepting need of the Elves was a vulgarity and as a Vanity of conceit, and violation of Eru's order of Ea in what it had been vested into. To believe as a Peoples that they had the right to Annexe that kind of Power in realms DIVIDED from Middle Earth, with such xenophobic impetus is the Evil of Vanity. Galadriel was the most divisive, as an abomination. Her realm was covetous, separatist and defined by her Ring. Therefore, to so greedily closet her zones of 'preservation' is abomination. Her mirror is a nausea of narcissistic self fulfilling aggrandisation. Looking her own wonder and beauty and expansive vomit.

4. In the Council of Elrond, hasn't anyone wondered how overly eager Frodo was to continue. Greedily enslaved at the unconscious level, I mean seriously, he's just had two weeks of telesentience with The Nine, and there he is rising in seeming candour.

5. The fact that Elrond acquiesced at was a malevolence of conceit, not Sauron's but Elvish in nature. The Noldor all, in Middle Earth were premised on the Kinslaying in a greedy pursuit of their vanity to own a pretty light (the Silmarils). Such rebellion against the Laws of Creation is gerationally transmitted. And Aule links together, Feanor (Noldor), Sauron and creations of Vanity. That's the parable of Aulie, in its undertones where excessive greed, beyond need of a Crafting are involved.

Sauron was atoned of excess Greed by the removal of the Ring from his body and in an atonement that was not 'emotionally felt' but implied by an endpoint--ORODRUIN. So, the Ring at its melting, was an "Unflow incident" of the reuniting of the Body of a Maia with greeds, resolving the nett areas of Sauron's residual malevolent Greeds. He is restored. He went back from 'whence he came' prior to the dividing of his Body from the Body of Ea and he was a master craftsman of Aule. The Shadow Hand at the Morthoron was the warning --DIRE-- to the hosts transliterally, that 'what thou seest, is what though art, and this time, mine hand cometh unto, into and through thee, to manifest resolution of Elvish insanity',

That is, he did GOOD. He got the last of the Elvish perversions in balance of ruinous selfish vanity and Greed to covet 'preserved' areas of enstasised reality. Galadriel has a debt of suffering yet to atone for.

Sauron's body, no doubt recorporates as Spirit of Maia, and penetrates Ea, and no doubt stands by Aule's side. You cannot slay a Maia. And Saruman's warning to Hobbits I would say is same same. Saruman's discorporation in the Shire, was the unconscious self sacrifice and made possible the manifestation of the Mallorn. And a gift of restitution from that vile vomitous conceited Galadriel "unfriends with Feanor forever". That should have warned us to heed. She hated in him that which she was, indeed. We hate what we see in others as a hatred of conceit to deny that trait exists in ourselves. She was no better. Look at her works of Vanity and how they mirror (of Galadriiel) self-ponderance and naval gazing.

As for Celebrimbor. The relationship with Sauron is of his seduction by power. Tolkien does not speak explicitly about whether or not it had sexual overtones, but relationships of POWER ALL have a sexual undertone. More often those manifest as aphrodisiac of the power master. I've no doubt that Sauron knew that much, at the least. And that because Celebrimbor COULD not speak of the latent sexual undertone of a POWER MOTIVE ('yes lord Annatar, I am indeed en-greeded to obey your master teachings LORD OF GIFTS' I shall craft a realm of defiance of the Valar and preserve'). Sauron, I wonder then, must have known that the Rings touched or not, were imbued WITH Sauronic Endeavour and BY proximity to Sauron was Celebrimbor. And Body of Elvendhom of Body of Maia, no doubt, the Rings three Afire with malevolent greeds of desire, NON discerned.

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