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The above are transgenic inferences - that is, there was no indication in the narratives that Elvish persons were immune from the trappings of Greed.

Maeglin is case in point, who was LESS prone to perversion by the Vanity of Conceit to "hide from even himself" THAN Celebrimbor (quote by Tolkien about Sauron after the War of Wrath). This comment I place 'first last' (ie I had it I mind for the big post and it governs context of overview of my prose. Celebrimbor is Noldorin and Feanor's very VAIN grandson. "I CELEBRIMBOR DID WRITE THEM". Doors to Khazad Dum. Really, did you Celebrimbor! Glad you needed to tell us how very GRAND you are, lovely VAIN ELF,

Sauron, after begging for mercy from Eonwe, pleaded in earnest (so he thought but lied even unto himself). Annatar had a new acquired wisdom about this. Entre, Eregion, and Celebrimbor.....Sauron is Coming Back and knew from Eregion that he had

3, THREE (Music of Ainur) TERMS of GOVERNANCE. Count them up. The THIRD (three Rings) manifested closure with the THIRD END of his Body Corporeal (Barad Dur toppling).
A call to my lost pals. Dine, Orcy_The_Green_Wonder, Droga, Lady Rolindin. Gellion, Thasis, Tenzhi. I was Silmarien Aldalome. Candlekeep. WotC. Can anyone help?
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