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“Thanks.” Gable said when they were on the ground again. Now that she thought about it, it was probably a good thing her sleeve was nailed there, or she would have fallen… Then again, she’d never of been in that situation if she’d never climbed up there in the first place, yet she couldn’t resist. She had to make herself useful, or she’d just go off wandering again. Like her mother was when she was young…and alive.

Gable suddenly remembered the pony. Odd, she hadn’t thought about it all day, when usually she would be worrying her head off about stuff like that. Must be because of all the commotion, and unexpected visitors from Rivendell, Cir and Cir. She was glad to see them again, yes. But in seeing them again, it brought up old memories of times at Rivendell. Running off on a new adventure, riding all day without a care in the world, her parents always telling her not to wander off to far to no extent, and no use. She wandered no matter how much they told her. At times, she couldn’t shake the feeling that it had been her fault that they died. That she should have listened and they’d still be here. Yet, she wouldn’t be here, in the beautiful and peaceful Shire, and made the friends she has now.
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