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In the flurry of activity that followed Gable's near accident, Primrose hadn't noticed the lengthening shadows that marked how many hours had passed. The day was heading well into afternoon, and Primrose's appetite had grown far beyond an apple. Mushrooms and stew, however, sounded perfect.

"Mushrooms! Now, I say that a meal isn't a meal unless there's a nice plate of mushrooms with it. We ought to go in and have a nice plate and a bowl of stew too." Primrose thought for a moment about where to go - the kitchen or common room.

Will was being a bit odd. What was behind that cough and confused blurt of 'company'? With her usual humor returning, the twinkle in Primrose's eyes doubled. Poor Will. Cela would be in the kitchen. Cela could help Primrose decide if there was anything behind Will's apparent confusion besides worry about the condition of the stable floor. And they had gone from breakfast to supper without another word about Cela's plan for him. A nice dinner in the kitchen, under Cela's eyes and ears, was the perfect opportunity to bring it back to light.

Besides, Primrose was growing tired of her exile from the kitchen. She was curious to find out how Cela was managing without her help. And too, she missed the cook's conversation. They would go back to the kitchen.

"You're most likely right about my hurting my leg again. I'm none too steady on these crutches, and an uneven floor would probably have me falling pretty fast. The kitchen sounds about right. And it would be like going home again for me. Didn't really want to come out and rest in the first place." She laughed and leant slightly on Will's arm. "Let's go in."
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