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Frodides was keeping herself well out of the way of all the noise and fuss outside ... but was keeping herself well informed all the same. Kara was under orders to report back to the kitchen with every new piece of information and it seemed that she had just found herself a new helper.

"What's going on there?" she asked as Modtryth arrived.

"Dagger-throwing at the moment, and it's sack-fighting next. Do you need help?" Modtryth replied.

"You can chop these." Frodides answered, thrusting a board of rolls toward Modtryth. "How is the throwing going along? Not a very interesting game I suppose."

"Oh but it is!" Modtryth replied, and Frodides was pleased to find a captivating storyteller in her friend as the woman proceeded to tell the tale of the event so far. Even as she listened Frodides made a note of that, Kara was good at getting the information across but she had no real understanding of how to make it into a good story. Modtryth on the other hand, now there was a woman with the gift.

~ ~ ~

Having made her way back into the crowd after winning her own heat Kara cheered and hollered almost alone as Erbrand threw caution to the wind and displayed some brilliant tactics that threw Harreld off completely. Even as he picked himself up off the ground she was heading towards him, trailing Ginna who wished to comiserate with Harreld in her wake.

"Well done!" She called out as she approached the slightly dishevelled Erbrand, who had just shaken hands with Harreld who was shaking his head in baffled resignation. "Where did you think of a move like that?"

"Oh I just ... well, I'm not sure." Erbrand replied, seeming a little flustered, though it could well have been that he was simply disorientated from his tumble off the log. "It just seemed like a good idea at the time!"

"It was a good idea." Kara cried, still buoyed by the excitement in the air. "You should have seen Harreld's face when he realised what was going to happen," she continued, trying to lower her voice so as not to embarrass the poor smith, "I hope your next opponent doesn't underestimate you!"

"I'm not sure how much of a chance I'm going to have against Dan." Erbrand said. "That fight between him and Stigend was tough, and I can hardly try the same trick again."

"You'll be alright." Kara said smiling. "You're tough too remember? Now wish me luck!" She gestured to Cnebba and laughed. "I was lucky with Javan, young Cnebba there is a fighter."

"Well good luck." Erbrand said. "I'll be cheering for you."
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