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Doors there darkly __ dim gigantic
were hewn in the hillside; __ huge their timbers,
and their posts and lintels __ of ponderous stone. {1830}
NA-EX-48.1 <CoH Trin in Nargothrond>
They were shut unshakeable. __ Then shrilled a trumpet 105
as a phantom fanfare __ faintly winding
I find that chapter break pretty awkward.

Maybe it would be better at this point:

... I have not seen him, said Gwindor. But rumour of him runs through Angband that he still defies Morgoth; and Morgoth has laid a curse upon him and all his kin.
That I do believe, said Trin.
Of their southward journey the Lay tells:

Trin in Nargothrond

Where Narog's torrent gnashed and spouted
down his stream bestrewn with stone and boulder,
My reason is that it does not interrupt the poem.
Hige sceal ē heardra, heorte ē cēnre,
mōd sceal ē māre, ē ūre mgen lytla.
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