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LoL.. I have very strong opinions about how everybody looks, based on the fact I have gotten out from them while chatting. For example, Sindacuion is a 13 year old boy from Finland.. a fact impossible to forget since we are online on the same times mostly.. and people tend to ask a/s/l a LOT.. ^_^ Well, here is my opinion about some people:

Miriel: Nice girl with lightbrown hair. Friendly, but do tend to set chatting in front of doing her assignments

Elentarien (aka WonderDun aka marupgarg): Cool 16 year old girl from Argentina. Wants to be an actress and is almost as insane as me.

Thalionyulma: Based on her RPG-character Rudchamion, I for a long time thought Thalion was a boy. Don't have any clue what she looks like, just the fact that she's nice..

LoL, I could go on. I am not that good to tell what impressions I get, otherwise then how the people act. In my head, though, I DO have pictures of most of you..
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