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Behind the Hedge? The Dueling Inn? or, gauntlet tossing on locale...

Hail and well-met, o my most quarrelsome foe! Quit thee, and have at thee, for I will have my vengeance!

Whoops. Not yet.

In several places during serious threads, we have gotten sidelined (Okay, I've sidelined) the discussion with various mock arguments, duels, satire, confrontations, etc. They've been good fun. (At least, I've enjoyed them.) They'v bordered on the satirical, whimsical, and (hopefully) comical. But alas, one must keep a thread on topic, and the (saintly, benifacent) mods do insist on stepping in and putting a stop to it. Well, so they should, or threads would never get anywhere.

Not being of Estelyn's satirical caliber, I seem to run out of steam in an hour or a day, but I always look back on the exchange with great fondness and contentment.
At first I thought of challenging my adversaries to meet me at one of the (existing) Inns, but there are rules against fighting in the Inns, so that won't work. Then I remebered Bethberry's "The Snowed Inn" and how much fun that was.

Wouldn't it be fun (would it?) to have a predetermined location where mock dueling and fighing was allowed, shenanigans and satires could be tossed about, and where our mock battles could take place til they run their course? Am I the only one who would enjoy such a duelling ground? Or does it raise a glimmer of interest in anyone else?

"The Hedged Inn", with Gauntlets Optional...
...down to the water to see the elves dance and sing upon the midsummer's eve.
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