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"Your brother seems to be in a bad temper," Jord said to Ulfast, a haughty and bating look on her face. "Perhaps you should go and comfort him."

"He needs no comfort from me," Ulfast grated, but took her cue and left the cellar.

Thorn was ready to die, but he had no intention of dying under the torturer's tools. He found it almost unbelievable that his warders had not chained him in any way. His hands were free, and so were his feet. One more thing he could do for the cause of the Free Peoples. Even though it was not likely to succeed, it might keep his death from being prolonged.

He had sat on the bench as Uldor had walked out, and as Jord had spoken her cunning words to Ulfast. Did she expect to be the one to exact his torture? There were two guards with Jord yet, and that was just how he wanted it.

Thorn leaped off the bench at Jord. With the advantage of surprise, he grabbed her neck in both hands and began to squeeze with all his might, his thumbs at her wind pipe. He did not expect to survive this, but he was determined to die fighting. They would have to kill him to get his hands off her throat.
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