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Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
The first thing he must do was get Tathren out of the city. Lord Caranthir had waited too long for an answer to be sent for him. He would be impatient and suspicious by the time the young, inexperienced ambassador had returned home, and that would not do for Uldor’s purpose.

He dressed himself with care and then sent word to Tathren to come to him in the great hall. He then went to Ulfang himself. Ulwarth was there with their father, when Uldor came in.

The conference was short and to the point. Uldor told his father that he intended to send Tathren back to Caranthir - with a message that they would fight for the elves. That is all he told Ulfang. There was no reason to tell a dotard old man all his plans for battle and victory. By the time that came to pass, he would likely be dead! So Uldor merely told him the surface of his intentions, and Ulfang sent him out with his blessing to so answer the elven lord.

Uldor went, and found Tathren waiting for him.

“I believe it is time that you left us,” Uldor said, smoothing his countenance to the correct form of regret and feeling for what had passed the previous day. “I am more sorry than I can express at what has happened.” Tathren said nothing, but his piercing gray eyes remained fixed on Uldor, and the inwardly crooked man had difficulty keeping his calm. “I have called you to give you our word in reply to Caranthir. We shall uphold our given oath, and will fight with lord Caranthir against the might of Morgoth. Tell him this.”

For the next several minutes, Udlor was busy telling Tathren all the details - how many men there would be, how they would communicate before marching out with the elves, and all the rest. Tathren took the messages almost in complete silence, nodding his head at certain points and occasionally giving a question.

Finally, he had gone. Uldor paced for a moment in the wide and empty hall alone, and then he knew that a more important meeting now had to happen. He went out in search of Jord.

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