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Welcome back, Turambar. Long time, no see.

You're right on all counts. Fancy having a stab at #1?

1. Castamir. Throw a station to nobleman.
2. Tarmenel. Sailor and other crewmembers, followed by short fairy, reach highest heaven
3. Faelivrin. Fail at everything initially, before fifty-four cut rings provide a pseudonym.
4. Tol Galen. Charge is reduced before storm over point, so island is reached.
5. Lni. Advance, we hear, leads one to ill-starred restorer
6. Nimrodel. Mighty hunter (note 50) brings flower

Password: Mellon. A straightforward end to a tortuous path.

[EDIT]: Updated to take account of Saucepan's solution to the last clue.
Man kenuva mtim' andne?

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