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When your bank card randomly blocks your card purchases. It has happened before on occasion, but now I'm trying to make important purchases online and not a single one is going through because the bank refuses to transfer the money. Flipping idiots! There's nothing even wrong with the card, there's enough money on it and everything, they're just being obnoxious. 'Oh, we didn't realize you were using your card abroad!..' Idiots! I've been using my card abroad for months now and you were letting me. But every once in a while you went 'nah, suspicious, someone must be using her card to buy potatoes', and blocked specific transfers. Now you're just blocking everything. Stupid, stupid bureaucrats, who must be in cahoots with whoever collects the money for international calls - because emails are not secure enough to confirm I do not have an official block on my card. Nasssty, mean, fat idiots!

Sorry, I just need to vent. I know it's the system that's doing the mess, not the individuals working there, but seriously!
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