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Mordor had a strange way of bringing about unexpected events in the least expected (and usually least convenient) ways. Phizzick's sudden reappearance out of Panakeia's nearly forgotten days in Harad was the proof to that rule. Phizzick. Panakeia had not even thought of him since she was a lass of seventeen sitting on the veranda at her lost childhood home.

Nearly wed? Surely he exaggerated the entire situation. Panakeia recalled a slightly different scenario in which Phizzick, only a few months older than she, had joking asked for her hand, and she had just as jokingly (and with dazzling teenage coquettish charm) accepted him on the condition that he bring her an ice cream cone. There had been no ice cream, but a silly romance had followed. Just as she had once had so many other flirtations in her earlier days. But it seemed that Phizzick had taken things more seriously, building it into a drama worthy of any soap opera instead of the light-hearted society fluff their former association had been.

Still, Phizzick's story was what it was and now was not the time to have a full argument. Not with Anakron's life hanging in the balance.

Panakeia replied hesitantly. "It's been a long time, Phizzick."

"It has. But you still haven't answered my question. What does your mostly dead friend have to live for?"

From the tomb's center, there came a sound. Low and muffled, but distinct, and in Anakron's voice.

"Trruuueeeeee loooovvvvvveeeeeeeee."

Panakeia gasped. "He spoke! He's alive!" Her spirits soared. "And he wants to live for..."

"Blue gloves." Phizzick broke in to complete the sentence. "Not much to live for, if you ask me. He's obviously talking about those Blue Wizards, and if there's anything I hate, it's the Blue Wizards. Especially since they fired me."

"That's not what he said! He said true love. You all heard him." In nodded. "The wizards fired you?" Panakeia asked.

"They did. Said my magic wasn't quite up to snuff. My cures kept going wrong. Pack of lies. All I needed was a good MLT - mutton, lettuce and tomato. It's great. You ought to have one sometime."

"Maybe. But, Phizzick, please. Help Anakron. You heard him. True love. It's a wonderful thing to have. And he doesn't like the Istari either. That's how he got into this mess to begin with."

Phizzick squinted at her. "You're right. True love is a great thing. I know." He squinted harder, and Panakeia held her breath, terrified that he would accuse her of breaking his heart. "And as much as we're alike with our cures and all, that's why I'm glad we split up. I'd never have found my wife otherwise."

Waves of relief rushed over Panakeia. It was alright between them after all.

Phizzick kept talking. "Yes. What's it been? Almost thirty years now? Must be. But you say it's true love?"

"Yes. It is."

"Well, well. Can't let anything get in the way of that." He began to rummage through his pockets. "Let's see. MLT wrapper. Not that. And another MLT wrapper. Hmm. Where is it? Ah! Here it is!" He held out a shiny golden package in his palm.

"A chocolate?" Panakeia raised an eyebrow, recalling her own dubious cures.

"Not just any chocolate. This has something special. Practically guaranteed to revive the slightly alive part of anyone."

"And if it doesn't work?"

"Then he's no worse off than he was before. What have you got to lose?"

That was true. Panakeia unwrapped the candy and put it in Anakron's mouth. Then, unable to bear the suspense, she turned and leant with her forehead against the wall of the crypt.

Startled gasps came from the three watchers. Then footsteps. Footsteps in Panakeia's direction. She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see a balding, bespectacled man with a huge grin under his beard.

"Hi. Good to see you again. Well, as me. I've been here all long, you know." He winked.

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