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Igor stood alone in the corridors of Mount Doom, having watched as Smilog and crew, Anakron and finally Skittles all ran off in different directions and in varying degrees of madness. He had the strangest feeling, as though he was supposed to be somewhere else, but as he didn't have any idea where this other place was he headed down to the now unoccupied chambers that had housed the Gondorian negotiators and fetched his ear instead of worrying about it. After all, these things generally seemed to sort themselves out in the end.

Even with both ears now attached the mountain was eerily quiet. Igor had got used to the antics of the other diplomats, as well as the steady noise of the orcs and guards that constantly moved around, but now there was no one in sight. Walking past an open door he saw a chair lying on the floor with papers scattered around it. In the great hall a goblet was slowly spinning in circles on the table, as though it had just been dropped there. He heard a cry from the hallway outside the room and darted out to see what was happening, watching in astonishment as an orc vanished into thin air with a quiet 'pop', his uneaten dinner falling to the floor with a crash.

The Dweomer? Igor wondered to himself as he crept towards the site where the orc had disappeared, but he dismissed the idea. He hadn't seen Anakron or heard his maniacal laughter in too long for it to be him doing this, and since the thing was stuck on ISMs at the moment it seemed unlikely to be the cause of all these strange events, unless there really was such a thing as a vanishISM.

Still musing to himself the sudden appearance of two tall men clothed all in blue caused Igor to emit a very undignified shriek and fall backwards, wincing as he felt himself land in the peas and gravy the orc had been about to eat. Glaring up at the culprits of this embarrassing incident Igor opened his mouth to give them a piece of his mind (not literally of course, he could unpick a few stitches, remove a bit of brain and give it to someone but he'd found he didn't tend to get it back very often and so rarely did it these days) but as his eyes travelled up he realised that perhaps that was not such a good idea.

"You're the Blue Wizards." He told them, and then rolled his eyes at himself. 'Way to be Captain Obvious.' He thought, before cursing at the valley girl language he'd just used. "What are you doing here?"

"Quack." Was the initial confusing answer, or so Igor thought. But as his mind caught up with his ears he realised that it had not been a person that had said that. Fear gripped him.

"Getting that." Came a grim reply, this time from above him.

Dreading what they were about to see after that noise Igor's eyes followed the extended finger of the Wizard closest to him, one moving somewhat faster than the other. Eventually though both eyes found themselves staring at the same horrifying sight. Leaping up out of the mess and behind the Wizards Igor peeked round their robes in shock.

"A - a - a Wereduck? In Mount Doom? Why? How?"

"It does not matter. It is in the wrong place and it will be moved. As will you."

Igor opened his mouth again to protest but found himself interrupted by the same small pop he had heard before. The noise echoed, getting louder all the time, and a blue light surrounded him as the corridors faded away. Suddenly the noise stopped and Igor lurched forward, landing on his hands and knees in what looked very much like a graveyard, facing a very disgruntled looking Wereduck.

Petrified Igor didn't so much as wait for the creature to blink (if indeed Wereducks do). A sprint start from his position on the ground had him heading away from certain death and into uncertain possible harm, as well as towards the voices that were, thankfully, coming from somewhere the Wereduck was not.
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