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Aimé's eyes darted around, trying to pierce the darkness. It was an undertaking never likely to succeed: he had poor night-vision at the best of times, but right before they had entered the tomb he had competed in a kind of staring contest with a torch. He knew it was stupid but he couldn't help himself. Flames were so sparkly and dramatic. Ooooh...

Snapping back into focus, Aimé realised that Alli had taken partial leave of her senses, so it was indubitably time to use his best one: touch. Keeping a hold of Alli's hand, he shuffled around the crypt, feeling tentatively.

"Cold, so cold!" as he touched the wall.

"Slimy, so slimy!" as he brushed against what appeared to be a melted gastropod.

"Argh! Moving!" as he found a creature clearly as alive as he. It emitted a low buzzing noise and fluttered away. Aimé thought it was probably the size of a small dog.

"Wha....t'ave we here?" as he came across a hole in the wall. It was the size of a window.

Alli was still unresponsive, and Aimé took the chance of leaving her to her own devices for a few seconds while he explored his discovery. He felt about in the black. It was like a high step, around four feet off the ground. Clambering up swiftly, Aimé found out that the hole was another five feet high, and three feet wide. It extended about—

He paused. There was a chink of light in front of him, probably about six feet into the hole. Stooping down and stumbling over to it, he almost tripped over something. Having kicked the thing over, he saw it clearly, for a ghostly glow was around it.

"Alli! Alli! Come see what I've found!" he said excitedly in a low voice. He climbed out to find her.
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