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Originally Posted by Morthoron View Post
They made three movies already. It was unnecessarily long and full of extraneous flummery. A concise two-film set would've been more than adequate to detail all the important sequences from a relatively short book.
The way they produced it... Yes, it was full of all manner of extraneous junk that needn't have been in it.

But as I pointed out, 20 minutes (on Average) a chapter is trimming things pretty much to the bone as it is, to include the entire book.

Some chapters would need considerably more than 20 minutes (An unexpected Party and the Mirkwood chapters, to say nothing of the BoFA). While some might need only 10 to 15 minutes.

But why must anything be cut from the story? If we are going to make Tolkien's works as Films, or as a Mini-Series on Cable, then why must anything be left out of the Novel Proper (I am not talking about adding extraneous material from the Appendices, nor from Unfinished Tales, nor NoM-e. But solely the content of The Hobbit)?

There are no reasons, in terms of Production necessities, that demand that material be cut out of the Novel other than simply to reduce the total running time of the production.

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