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You wan't me to abandon them? To abandon my namesake? No. I will have them in my heart-the very core of it.

You want me to forgive Maedhros? Not happening either. Spirits of Olwe, Elwing and Lalaith are unsettled... yes, they're unsettled for they were killed by same hand, whether directly, or by CAUSING MORGOTH THE TERRIBLE TO SPREAD DISEASE with his rashness. Down with Maedhros the Rash!

You want me to chat about Elwing? Fine. There's cousin of her husband's father...three of them!

You want me to chat about every other person in middle Earth? They're all related to three.

See? Whatever other person there is, I could always prove that Hin Hurin are somehow related to every important person. Numenoreans? Hin Hurin were cousins of their forefather. Gondorians? Hin Hurin were cousins of their fore-fore father.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot escape Hin Hurin. They're related even to Morgoth, trough curse, and even Eru the Almighty, who created them...

I rest my case.
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