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Birdland, the ent-draught is interesting! In my opinion ent-draughts are not "light", but "earthy", anchoring one in Middle-earth. So in Merry and Pippin's case, they had Lembas and they had Orc-draught; maybe those balanced each other in the long run, perhaps; but then the Ent-draught anchored them to the earth.

Frodo had the Lembas and the orc-draught, but with no such anchoring ent-draught-- he sailed, in a bit of a hurry. (Of course, there was that bauble he carried that might have had some effect.)

And Sam, having had lembas, no orc-draught and no ent-draught, stayed on in the Shire til he sailed at the end of his life.

So of the four hobbits, the ent-draught-drinkers neither sailed nor carried the ring. (echo of Bombadil's disinvolvement? Big stretch)

Maybe somebody else will rescue me with a profound conclusion to all this.
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