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Yes, Gorwingel, I went Sunday, and I kept my eyes pealed for you as well, but my goodness! waht a crowd! I finally retired to the KOMO Bldg and watched from a balcony.

Helen and I went hiking first at Staircase near Lake Cushman, and the next day we went to Mt Rainier, but Surprise, Surprise! There was 6 ft of snow at Paradise! We took a trail to the springs at Longmire to see "Iron Mike", and Longmire's cabin.

To be honest with you Helen scared the living daylights out of me! When she crept barefoot along the wet, mossy cliff to see the rapids below, I was imagining myself trying to explain THAT one to the ranger and her husband.

"Umm well, ya see... she's a Hobbit, and... um well... Hobbits have this need to climb cliffs barefoot...
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