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From Birdland

If you would like to choose a name for a character, but don't want it to be in one of the Elf languages, you can go to one of the many foreign language dictionaries or phrase books online and come up with some great names for characters. For example: here's a great site I found when trying to come up with a character name once:

Multilingual Names for Birds


From Bęthberry

Old English names



Need a reference for nice, "Hobbity" sounding names? I just used this site:

Warwickshire Wildflower Checklist


From Annunfuiniel

Can't think of a good character name? Check Babynames or Behind the Name, also Last Name Meanings.


From Pio

Anglo-saxon names lists and other links:



Writer of The Mark

Norse (Baby) Names


From ArwenBaggins

20,000 Names is an excellent site for male and female names from dozens of different countries and time periods.


From Child of the 7th Age

History and Etymology of Names - names from all sorts of languages, from mythology, the Bible, etc.

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