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Legate of Amon Lanc’s character:

NAME: Óin son of Gróin

AGE: 220

RACE: Dwarf of Durin's Folk


WEAPONS: Short broad sword made of steel, forged in Dáin the King's forges under the Mountain. A curved knife he keeps behind his belt. He has also a shortbow of oakwood, which he does not carry with him all the time, and a quiver of currently fourteen arrows he does not redeplete.

APPEARANCE: Óin is not very tall for a Dwarf, maybe a bit shorter than average. He is heavyset, but he was never particularly fat, even during his rich years in Erebor, and the stay in Moria did not help it much. He wears a short white beard and has almost shoulder-long white hair. He has bright blue eyes and wears brown hooded cloak, almost all the time having a light chain shirt underneath it, except when sleeping, but even that may change under drastic circumstances. Besides that, he has a leather cap which protects his ears, and sometimes wears with it an iron skull cap of dwarven warriors.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: Óin is a true scout. He is very curious, but also stealthy, cautious, but at times also reckless and not thinking well enough in advance and not evaluating all possibilities. His personality is rather quiet generally, but when it comes to him, he can get really angry and start a fight because of otherwise unimportant things. He is stubborn, most of all, and when he chooses to do something, nobody will convince him otherwise. This played a role in his choice to go with Balin to reclaim Moria.

Óin is not very clever nor he has especially good memory, but there are certain things he remembers well and which simply stuck in his mind. He has a very good orientation sense and good memory when it comes to "architectonic" things: he can remember blueprints, he can even make them, he remembers instructions for various processes and is capable of thinking of directions needed to take to reach certain goal. He is not capable of that much manual work, unless it is connected with some mechanic work which follows a certain set of actions.

He is very good in making fire, he can light a fire almost in any circumstances even with the smallest bit of resources. He always carries a tinder-box with him, what more, he usually has one in reserve had he lost the first one, and that one he is carrying in his backpack (the other one is in his belt pouch).

HISTORY: Óin was born in 2774 TA and spent his childhood in Dunland, where he lived with his family among the folk of Thráin son of Thrór in exile. When he was 25 (very young still), he fought alongside his father in Azanulbizar. Thus, he was in the first assault lead by Thráin, and was among the others pushed back into the wood, and there he was separated from his father, as a large group of swift Orcs split the Dwarves. There he saw his uncle Fundin fall to a large Orc, who was later killed by Balin, who alone remained with Óin in the end, pushed to the corner by goblins, until Thráin came to their aid with Dwalin and others. At that time, Náin's folk at least came, and the Orcs were pushed back, but Óin did not rejoin his father until the end of the battle, and he did not see the battle in front of the gate when Azog was slain, and they were battling the Orcs who first assailed, but later tried to defend themselves in the woods, and they were there all night. Thráin had one eye blinded, and Óin was slashed to his arm by a poisoned Orc scimitar, and he nearly fainted. But by the morning, everything was well, and they joined the victors.

Óin was slightly disappointed when the Dwarves did not reclaim Khazad-Dûm after the victory in Azanulbizar, but his father was serious and told him that he is too young and too rash to understand, reminding him also of the death of his uncle.

In the following years, Óin was living with Balin and the rest of Thráin and Thorin's folk in Dunland, but shortly after they moved to the Blue Mountains. Óin partially did, but partially did not like that change: they could not see anymore the Mountains of Moria in clear morning air; they were longing for that sight, but at the same time they knew how it hurt to see them and know that underneath them, the halls of their fathers lie dark and empty.

Half a century later, Thráin left with several companions for a journey; Óin stayed behind, despite his good friend Balin went, too. But some time later, Balin and the others returned, saying that they lost Thráin. Since then, Balin seemed a bit different, but Óin kept close to him. Nothing interesting was happening until the time when Thorin Oakenshield gathered those of his folk for the journey to Erebor. Óin and his brother Glóin were there, too, and they got to know Bilbo Baggins, and went as far as Erebor and after Smaug's death, they fought in the Battle of the Five Armies alongside Thorin. This was for the second time when Óin fought alongside Balin surrounded by a host of enemies, and saw his friends die.

For the following half a century, he lived in Erebor, helping in arranging the trade with the Lake-Town and the rebuilding of the town of Dale. When the power and splendor of the Kingdom under the Mountain grew, many started to talk about re-occupying Moria. Óin was among those who accepted this from the beginning, he wanted to visit Khazad-Dûm and see for himself what treasures may lie there. And when Balin agreed to go, he was among those who wasted no time to join him and go.

During their first days there, Óin once again fought alongside Balin, but this time as victorious returned exiles, they claimed the Chamber of Mazarbul and Óin explored all the chambers he could, he went alone on several expeditions, supported by knowledge from old records provided by Ori. The most important was his discovery of the upper armouries on Third Deep.


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