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NAME: Frar

AGE: 175

RACE: Dwarf


WEAPONS: Large double-edged ax

APPEARANCE: Massively built: tall, broad, and strong. An imposing figure. He is of great girth, but not at all fat or flabby; he is almost exclusively bone, muscle, and beard. Very long and thick black hair, pulled back behind his shoulders, but un-braided. Thick graying black beard, also very long. FRAR DOES NOT LOOK LIKE HAGRID. Expel that particular mental image immediately! Green eyes. Thoughtful facial features. In battle, wears a shirt of heavy chain mail, a blue tunic, and no helmet.

PERSONALITY/STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES: A noble and jovial spirit: courageous, expansive, selfless, generous, and determined. Kingly in nature. Incapable of admitting defeat. Loves conversation, but dislikes small talk. A booming laugh. Can out-eat or drink anyone.

HISTORY: A renowned warrior. Distinguished himself in The Battle of Five Armies. Following the restoration of the King under the Mountain, he continued to roam the countryside as part of the King's patrols, pursuing the enemies of the Mountain: goblins, wargs, bandits, etc. These have increased in number in recent years. Frar has fought in many battles, and received many scars. Old, but showing no signs of weakening.





AGE: 85

APPEARANCE: Dark-brown hair, blue eyes, dark green cloak and hood, sturdy leather belt and boots, heavy brown tunic.

WEAPONS: Only the spear and short sword given him at the beginning of the expedition.

PERSONALITY: A cheerful, friendly dwarf, relatively inexperienced, with a lack of confidence about anything that does not pertain to his smith-work. He takes great pride in his work. Very practical and plain-spoken. Generally quiet.

HISTORY: Not a warrior - a smith. His family travelled from the Iron Hills to Erebor following The Battle of Five Armies. He learned the smith trade from his father, and is moderately skilled at his work. Was recruited by one of the members of the expedition to help maintain tools, arms, and armor on the expeditin to Khazad-dum. This will be only the second time in his life that he has left home.


Stories and songs.

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