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Alphaelin has just left Hobbiton.

Thank you Estelyn and Hilde for the welcome(s) back! Welcome, Roxbury and Diniziliel.

Regarding Clive, EToF, I am *trying* to get a Live Journal account up and then figure out how to post so I can put the poor twit to rest [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]. So far, LJ is not being my friend - or I am really as computer-impaired as my resident Leggy-bopper tells me I am! However, I shall keep trying.
"Was in Dad's study looking for the latest 'Valorama's Secret' catalog & found a secret door to dark little room with a really cool gazing ball. Wonder why Dad doesn't display it better." The Secret Diary of Clive, Evil Twin of Faramir
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